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Yoga Classes on demand

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Yoga classes on demand

If you feel like you have to make one more decision you will scream this is the option for you 

Practice yoga at a time and place that suits you.  Following a series designed to develop and support a regular practice.

Simply book and a series of 10 recorded sessions will arrive every other day directly to your inbox for you to enjoy in your time.

Each set will contain different themes focussing on different parts of the body and energy centres.

Along with a yoga mat suggested props are a belt or tea towel and a cushion or block.

Class Description

eluroom yoga sequences are tailored to tap into your mood. Expect to cover flows and peak poses focussing on different parts of the body both physically, and energetically. Yoga is an embodiment practice, where we use the sensations in our body to focus and stay in the present.   This is interlaced throughout the sequence.   Starting with a pranyama (breath) exercise and closing with savasana or a  meditation.

You will leave feeling uplifted and radiating joy.

The link will be live for 72 hours.

Suitable for all levels please get in touch if you have any questions