21 Days of Joy

Activate your best self in  21 days of Joy.

rebecca in ausus at sunset in alexandra palace

A daily dose to Feel Calmer, Connected and more Joyous in just under 3 minutes 
I see you…
Struggling with your time and feeling there’s not enough hours in the day.
Feeling exhausted and drained.
Lost your ‘get up and go’?
I have been there and know how it feels waking up and not feeling great about myself. After years of implementing simple habits. It’s changed my life. I'm sharing everything  from my yoga teaching and a lifetime of research,  what helps me to feel confident and radiate joy every day.
What 21 days of joy looks like.
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I will take you on a journey of tried and tested tools you can easily slot into a busy day.
A curated assortment of
Affirmations for joy 
Thoughts for joy
Actions for joy
In under 3 minutes you will feel calmer,  connected to your body and your in complete state of joy 
You don’t need anything else but yourself and a desire to try something new.  
With lifetime access you can return to your 21 days of joy ‘tool box’ whenever you need a boost of joy to live a full spirited life with confidence.
For only £1 a day you will receive a gift of joy in your inbox for the next 21 days.
Activate your best self today and get ready for welcoming more opportunities into your life.